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2nd Grade

Teacher, Maridee Roberson


Maridee Roberson and her husband, Brian, have lived and served in Montgomery since 2009. They enjoy life along with their 3 children Mayah, Luke, and Halle. 

As a child, Maridee dreamed of teaching in her own classroom, and she followed those childhood dreams studying early-childhood through 4th grade education at the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor. After receiving her Bachelors of Science degree in 2007, she taught Kindergarten in Gatesville ISD just before moving to Montgomery. Since teaching in public school, Maridee has taught in the children's and youth ministry setting, private pre-k classes, directed a classical Christian co-op, taught science classes in the community, tutored children pre k-6th grade classically, and homeschooled her children for 4 years. She is grateful for the years at home with her children, but has felt the Lord calling her to share her gifts and love for learning back in the classroom. Mrs. Roberson in thrilled to continue teaching 2nd grade as we start our third year here at MCA! She hopes to help her 2nd Grade “Stars" shine their light to all the world now and in the future!

In her instruction, she seeks to point all subjects to God, their creator, while sharing content with a biblical worldview as priority. Maridee is passionate about sharing her love of life-long learning, inspiring her students to find joy and purpose in reading, and guiding children to find meaningful connections which will establish a high level of mastery in all content areas! 


Bob Jones University Press - Grade 2 Bible Truths, Math, Science, Heritage Studies

Bible Truths 2 guides teachers as they help students understand God’s truth for practical living through a thematic, chronological study of the Old and New Testaments. The educational materials includes scripturally supported overviews of key biblical doctrines, unit memory verses and hymns, supplemental read-aloud stories, unit review activity sheets, reproducible learning activity pages, instructions for one-on-one and group learning activities, a glossary of biblical terms, and a CD of corresponding reproducibles. Lessons also integrate a missionary story and an application novel.

Math 2 develops understanding of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Manipulatives are used to help students visualize the math concepts they learn. Basic word problems are introduced to exercise students’ problem solving skills.

Science 2 teaches the student how to use science process skills to learn and tell about Gods creation. The program focuses on what scientists do, living things, plants, environments, fossils and dinosaurs, the layers and features of the earth, how the earth moves, natural resources, light, forces and motion, and how the body works. The student develops his science process skills as he participates in hands-on activities and projects.

Heritage Studies 2 explores American culture in colonial times from Jamestown to the War for Independence. The text features colorful illustrations and discussions of colonial farming, shopkeeping, clothing, and also interesting information about kings and queens in Europe ruling at the time—all presented in understandable language for the 2nd-grade level.

Shurley English

The Shurley English curriculum has assembled a unique combination of features and strategies to provide for student success in grammar, skills, writing, and reading. These features are logically, sequentially, and systematically woven into the curriculum to provide a solid foundation for lifetime literacy.

Handwriting Without Tears 
Keyboarding Without Tears