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4th Grade & 5th Grade Math/Science

Teacher, Kelli Heinemeier

Kelli Heinemeier is the 4th and 5th Grade Science, Math, and 4th Grade Bible teacher at Montgomery Christian Academy. She earned her degree in English Literature and French from Harding University, a small Christian college in Searcy, Arkansas. The certifications Mrs. Heinemeier holds include ESL, General Elementary, French, English, and Special Education. Her teaching career has included elementary special education, French I, English III, and Pre-K. Through each classroom experience, no matter the age or subject, she has found love, integrity, and grace are what make students thrive.

Mrs. Heinemeier grew up in Garland, Texas. She married her best friend Ewan at his hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland in 2006. They have two beautiful children, Henley and Lochlan, and a very distinguished shih-tzu named Roger. Mrs. Heinemeier has spent the last three years since leaving CISD being home with her children, involved in her church congregation, and working at a Mother’s Day Out. In their free time, the Heinemeiers like to go on walks, feed turtles at the park, and make each day memorable.

Recently, Mrs. Heinemeier felt the calling to return to the classroom and, through prayer and petition, has found a new home at Montgomery Christian Academy. She looks forward to a classroom a year filled with great students and the amazing worlds of reading, math, and science God has created. 


Bob Jones University Press - Grade 4 Math, Science, Bible Truths

Math 4 provides an interactive approach to build your student’s understanding of multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, geometry, and pre-algebra. A sea theme with Captain Bailey and his pet seagull Clipper enhances real-life math applications, problem solving, and estimation

Science 4 allows students to explore creation through an understandable and engaging presentation of text, diagrams, photographs, and illustrations. This elementary science educational materials contains instructions for interactive experiments, projects, and activities. It promotes higher-level thinking skills through brief writing exercises. The textbook discusses a spectrum of scientific fields including ecosystems, plants, insects, the eye, the digestive system, and principles of motion and energy.

Bible Truths 4 encourages students to read their Bible regularly and learn to listen to His truth. The text draws numerous examples from the Bible of people that listened to God and followed His will. Background information and historical context is provided to increase understanding of what life was like in Bible times. This fourth-grade level Bible educational materials stresses the importance of good Bible study skills and explains how to develop these skills, while encouraging Christlikeness in the lives of students.

Bob Jones University Press - Grade 5 Math and Science

Math 5 builds confidence in working with fractions and increases students’ understanding of math concepts by using manipulatives, which help students visualize the ideas discussed. Students will build upon previous math knowledge and be challenged by an optional pre-algebra chapter.

Science 5 explores God’s creation in a study of minerals and rocks, fossils, matter and heat, sound and light, weather, ecosystems, and the respiratory and circulatory systems. Students develop science process skills by participating in hands-on activities and projects. The Science 5 student text provides fascinating scientific information through understandable text, charts, diagrams, and colorful photographs and illustrations. The student text also contains detailed instructions for all experiments, activities, and projects.

Handwriting Without Tears
Keyboarding Without Tears