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Core Values


Our Core Values


The Bible is our standard of truth.
Our policies and principles are founded on, and are a direct reflection of God’s Word. There will be no variation or compromise from this Biblical standard for our staff or our students.
Montgomery Christian Academy will maintain a high standard of behavior and academics.

We believe that a safe and nurturing learning environment is essential as we strive to help each student reach his or her full learning potential.  We are committed to protecting that environment from disruptive or disrespectful behavior.

Every family at Montgomery Christian Academy is equally valued and will be treated with respect and dignity.
We strive to demonstrate Christ-like love in all of our daily interactions.
Our teachers and staff possess an “attitude of ministry”.
At Montgomery Christian Academy, we understand the incredible privilege and responsibility of the discipleship of children. We seek to employ teachers and staff members who believe that serving and ministering to students is their calling. 
“It’s so good to hear all the exciting things God is doing through Montgomery Christian Academy”
“We’re so excited to see how our children can grow in Christ while learning fundamentals!”
“So grateful that you’re putting God’s work and word into the lives of our Montgomery children.”

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