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Fine Arts

Teacher, Kayce Clark


Dr. Kayce Clark was born in Hendersonville, Tennessee but grew up in the Dallas area. As they say “I may not have been born in Texas but I got here as quick as I could."  After graduating from Garland Christian Academy, Kayce went on to become a proud alumni of Louisiana College where she earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Theater Performance. After college, she worked full time as an actress in professional theater companies as well as teaching Theater and History. After 10 wonderful years on the stage, she decided it was time to retire. After earning her doctorate degree, Kayce was thrilled to have the chance to stay home full time to focus on her young family. 

Kayce has been married to her husband, Matthew, for 14 years. Together they have 3 beautiful sons, Braden, Christopher and Carter, who all attend MCA. Kayce and Matthew had the wonderful opportunity to live in Grand Cayman, BVI for 2 years at the beginning of their marriage, and since then they have lived in St. Augustine, Miami, Florida and Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2017, they felt the Lord calling them to the Houston area where Matthew would go on to open his own medical practice, Gastroenterology of Texas. The Clarks live in Magnolia with their 2 cats and huge dog, Barli. 

Kayce was blessed to grow up in Christian school from PreK all the way through college. She has a true heart for Christian education and feels so honored to be teaching at Montgomery Christian Academy. A love of the arts enriches a child’s life in so many ways and Kayce is passionate about pushing her students to explore their God-given creativity. God is the first and greatest artist and we can see so much of His heart and hand through the Arts. 


It is the philosophy of Montgomery Christian Academy that each of the components of the Fine Arts program can be seen in scripture and the handiwork of God. By understanding the beauty of creativity, students can better understand our inspired and loving God. Scripture is clear that God was our first and most amazing artists. It is clear by just viewing the sky above with its vivid sunset, the canyons below with their painted desert rocks and the music of the birds; that God loves to share His beauty with us through Fine Arts. He instilled the ability to create and make beautiful things as Exodus 35:35 tells us; “He has filled the with skill to do every sort of work done by an engraver or by a designer or by an embroiderer in blue and purple and scarlet yarn and fine twisted linen, or by a weaver- by any sort of workman or skilled designer”    

Montgomery Christian Academy believes it is vital that our students learn creativity, artistry, and performance and that these skills can glorify the Lord through all aspects of their learning and lives.  The Fine Arts curriculum at MCA follows a Step Process in which each step builds on the skills mastered in the previous step to meet certain goals. For Visual Art and Music, which is taught on every lower school grade level, this process will ensure enduring understandings of the concepts introduced to each age. For “elective courses” that are offered only to upper grade levels, all steps are intertwined together rather than focusing on one each grade level. 

Step I: Pre-K and Kindergarten - Perception: students will develop the foundational skills for each discipline and will organize ideas in terms of the environment around them. 

Step II: Grades 1 through 3 - Historical and cultural background: students will develop an understanding of the impact of cultural and historical periods to Fine Arts. During this Step students will learn to mimic styles and examples of famous pieces as they learn to seek out their own creativity. 

Step III: Grades 4 and 5 - Creative Expression and Performance: Students will begin to create original and stand-alone works. This step will allow students to build self-confidence, organization and imaginative expression. 

Step IV: Grades 6 through 8 - Response and Evaluation: Students will begin evaluating and responding to works of art, pieces of music, dance and drama. This Step allows students to create an ability to practice more complex tasks such as analyzing, interpreting and constructively evaluating pieces of Fine Art. 

Step V: Grades 9 through 12 - Focused Study: Students will have the option of choosing one or more fields in which to hone the skill through “elective” classes. In each class students will delve more in-depth into all of the Steps preceding. 

Each of the first four Steps is geared towards the capabilities and development of the students at those age levels. Each Step builds on the previous to create a basic level and proficiency of all fine arts disciplines, an understanding of the exemplary works of art from a variety of cultures and historical period and an appreciation of the fine arts in everyday life. In Steps I-IV students gain a broad understanding of the Fine Arts, while students in Stage V will have the option of choosing a defined course of study in which to hone a more specific and detailed skill. 

Currently, MCA serves students K4 - 7th grade and offers courses to all students in Visual Arts and Music. As upper grades are added, MCA will begin offering upper school advanced courses in Visual Arts as well as Choral and Instrumental Music and Theater Arts.