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Teacher, Robyn Fox



Robyn Fox is the Kindergarten teacher at Montgomery Christian Academy. Ms. Fox grew up in Louisiana, but received her degree in education from Sam Houston State University. She has 15 years of early childhood and elementary teaching experience. 

Ms. Fox has two amazing daughters, Kaitlin and Kennedy. Kaitlin is a Senior at McNeese State University, and Kennedy is a Junior at Montgomery High School. The Fox girls have attended Fellowship of Montgomery for 5 years.

Ms. Fox enjoys photography, antique shopping, collecting Christmas ornaments, and volunteering with National Charity League in the Montgomery community. She is looking forward to serving the families of Montgomery and helping the children of Montgomery grow in God’s word.


Bob Jones University Press - K5 Beginnings

K5 Beginnings is a springboard to a lasting, enthusiastic relationship with reading and writing. Clear instructions are provided for a strong beginning to phonemic awareness, phonics, word families, sight words, early reading, and writing. Engaging themes incorporate science, Heritage Studies, and literature along with stories for listening and reading comprehension. Student involvement is encouraged through theme lessons and group composition of Experience Stories, as well as activities with the Phonics Characters and word cards.

Our young students apply their natural curiosity to develop a broad base of interests and the basic tools they need to explore the world around them. Bible stories spark an early interest in God’s Word. In addition to teaching art, science, and heritage studies, K5 Beginnings teaches listening, oral composition, phonics, and reading comprehension. Math manipulatives are used to explain basic math concepts, such as numbers, time, and money. 

Bob Jones University Press - Math K5

Math K5 uses an interactive approach with manipulatives to build a foundation of math concepts. Lessons on number, sense, addition and subtraction, time, money, and other skills are introduced.

Positive Action Bible - K5

Learning About God - In this study, kindergarteners will learn about God through the lives of major characters throughout the Bible.

Shurley English

The Shurley English curriculum has assembled a unique combination of features and strategies to provide for student success in grammar, skills, writing, and reading. These features are logically, sequentially, and systematically woven into the curriculum to provide a solid foundation for lifetime literacy.

Handwriting Without Tears